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Debra Bowen

The Right to Vote -- and Have it Count

How can a toothpick undermine democracy? California's current Secretary of State outlines the real crisis this nation faces in protecting the right of every person to vote -- and for every vote to be counted. Refreshingly frank words from a committed public official.

Democracy 2008

Alex Gibney

What Does Torture Have to Do with Democracy?

Oscar winning director, Gibney discusses Taxi to the Dark Side, his film about the controversial death of an Afghan taxi driver. His films are transforming issues from hot buttons into powerful rallying points.

Democracy 2008

Lawrence Lessig

End the Corruption

While known as a pioneering voice for copyright reform, Lessig's recent focus has been putting an end to political corruption. At Momentum, he speaks on the ills of money and politics, and how the dynamics in politics are shifting. A sobering and refreshing analysis.

Democracy 2008

Eboo Patel

Religious Pluralism in a Democracy

Will the Faith Line be the defining factor of the 21st century? Can interfaith youth activism create a new movement for mutual understanding, respect and global understanding? This presentation outlines a hopeful and inspiring proposal for the future.

Democracy 2008

Drew Westen

The Political Brain

Democracy 2008