Momentum Speaker Directory
Speaker Title Plenary Year

Tanya Harris

Katrina: 3 Years Later

As a an ACORN organizer born and raised in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans, Tanya Harris shares a firsthand experience of what has happened--and what still needs to happen--since the hurricane.

Neighborhood 2008

Peter Leyden

New Technologies to Transform Politics

Neighborhood 2008

Gihan Perera

The Right to the City

The co-founder of the Miami Worker's Center traces the dangerous route our infrastructure has taken from public to private benefit, and the effort to build a nationwide movement to reverse this trend in support of democracy and human rights.

Neighborhood 2008

Maria Teresa Petersen

The New Face of the Electorate

Latinos are not only a major consumer of internet content, but Latinos in the United States consume media predominantly in English. More facts about this growing sector of the U.S. electorate are presented by the Executive Director of Voto Latino.

Neighborhood 2008

Angelica Salas

Fighting for Immigration Reform

Community organizer Angelica Salas discusses the grueling battles people fight to secure legal status and shares lessons in organizing and developing policy proposals for immigration reform.

Neighborhood 2008